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Valga Games is a Russian game design studio, which creates large-scale computer games of various genres.

Young and enthusiastic developers are ready to realize all the stages of the game production from creating a concept up to bringing the project to the game industry market.

At the moment Valga Games is working on the new Survival Sandbox MMORPG named “Ancient Siberia”.

You can order a turnkey project at our studio!

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Product placement in the games by Valga Games

Street billboards and advertising on the buses are the outdated and inefficient ways to promote the company. The game world, in other hand, is a modern and non-standard advertising platform. We are ready to place both hidden and direct advertising blocks in our projects. We can create in-game equipment with your logo on it or develop some simple quests related to your company.

Updating and supporting your projects

You don’t have time to finish the project or you in need of a technical support? We are ready to pick up the project at any stage of its development from writing the technical documentation and up to porting and managing a completed game.

Collaborative development

You have an interesting project and enough resources for its development, but need a help of the experienced professionals? We will help you to avoid mistakes at any stage of the game’s production. We are aware of the importance of deadlines and always bear responsibility for the quality of our projects.

Investments in the projects of Valga Games

The game industry is one of the most profitable fields for investments, so that we are ready for an open partnership. By investing in Valga Games projects, you will be able to control all stages of the development process. We guarantee an accurate accountability and grant the access to both administrative and ticket panels of the project.

Ancient Siberia is a new Survival Sandbox MMORPG. What makes this game unique and noteworthy, is a players’ free will and an absence of obligatory quests. The game is based on myths and legends of Ancient Siberia, and the setting can be described as original Slavic fantasy. The player is supposed to survive using all the in-game possibilities including flexible crafting scheme, runic magic and hardcore combat system. The main objective of the Ancient Siberia game is to create a unique realm that will be ruled by the players.

Non-target hardcore combat system with the elements of a classic slasher is implemented in the game. Players can use roll-ups, blockings, and defense, and also calculate the attack. Physical abilities of the character are as important, as the high-quality equipment.

Players are allowed to do whatever they want once they enter the game of Ancient Siberia. For example, they can build their own houses, if they have enough skills and money to pay for it. It is possible to build a house from scratch or upgrade the existent building.

Runic magic in the world of Ancient Siberia is not that easy to master, but its power is priceless. Once a player acquires this skill, it is possible not only to charm weapons, armors and jewelry, but also teleport within the map of Ancient Siberia.

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The most outstanding game features:

  • a combination of MMORPG and Survival Sandbox genres
  • an unusual games setting based on ancient Slavic fantasy, and the myths and legends of Ancient Siberia
  • an interesting and comfortable non-target combat system
  • optional hidden quests, and some of them can be completed only once
  • an enormous world of approximately of 400 square kilometers
  • a well-worked system of karma and reputation
  • a balanced system of skills
  • a flexible and complex system of crafting
  • a variety of gaming servers divided by the complexity

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